True is a photography journal that commissions established and emerging artists to experiment, create or revisit.

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True issue six (February 2019) sees Jim Goldberg visiting China, showcasing the narrative he found as an outsider experiencing the cultural and geographical enormity of the country for the very first time. British-born Kalpesh Lathigra documents Mumbai from a similar perspective, photographing the complex relationship with his ancestral homeland known only through memories handed down through his family.

For the second cover story Arnaud Lajeunie and Georgia Pendlebury document summer in Burgundy through the eyes of three teenagers – none of whom had met before — and Thomas Albdorf presents a series of ‘found sculptures’ that are not quite what they seem.

Elsewhere in the issue we see a selection of Brendan Freeman's holiday snaps, Peter Puklus explores his personal outlook on social expectations and male obligations, and Jenna Westra presents a continuation of her ongoing project, ‘Atlas’.

Jo Ann Callis shares unseen images from the same period as her enigmatic portfolio, ‘Early Color’, showing constructed everyday moments subtly charged with pleasure, tension and physicality. And Camille Vivier creates a fictional, feminine world of contrasts, shot in Geneva and the forest of Fontainbleu.

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True issue five (January 2018) explores the theme of ‘people and place’: Lea Colombo takes us on a road trip through her native South Africa. Pieter Hugo presents intimate family portraits taken in Africa and Europe over the course of a decade. Gregory Halpern gives a glimpse into his time in Omaha, Nebraska, while photo essays by Nick Haymes and Sam Rock continue the theme.

Other stories are created in collaboration: Bibi Cornejo Borthwick and Mark Borthwick stage a fashion show on the street and Benedict Brink shares an experimental project with set designer Mila Taylor Young and model Yasmine Moon.

Chris Rhodes curates a selection of accidental images, out-of-focus subjects and frames shot solely to finish rolls of film. Artists Theo Simpson and David Noonan individually present exclusive mixed-media stories that challenge the format of a photo essay.

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True issue four (May 2017) showcases previously unseen work from Todd Hido, where familiar characters from his archive are given roles in a new narrative. The second cover story by Jonas Lindstroem features the photographic ‘B-sides’ of his film project, Truth or Dare.

Ed Templeton opens up his 25-year relationship with wife Deanna; ‘the good times and the bad’. Benedict Brink, Atsushi Nishijima and Chris Rhodes collectively take us on a tour of continents, through Europe and across to North and South America.

Elsewhere in the issue, Hanna Putz presents newly captured and unpublished photographs and Theo Simpson previews work created with screen prints, photography, sculpture and found imagery.

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True issue three (November 2016) sees Mark Steinmetz — best known for his black and white imagery — reveal previously unseen colour photographs taken in the American South, during the mid-2000s.

The exploration of America’s landscape and people continues in exclusive stories by Chadwick Tyler and Daniel Shea.

Elsewhere, photographers Ola Rindal and Janneke van der Hagen share intimate insights into their own family lives, Paul Kranzler focuses on a different kind of intimacy and Cheryl Dunn captures protests of all styles, flavours and sizes in the politically charged summer of 2016.

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True issue two (May 2016) presents Corinne Day and Mark Szaszy's intimate, unpublished photographs from the late 1980s that capture the early years of their relationship and include some of Corinne’s earliest pictures.

Elsewhere, Suffo Moncloa explores the recurring themes of nature, femininity and sexuality, while Arnaud Lajeunie and Greta Ilieva introduce us to individuals who unexpectedly crossed their paths.

Marton Perlaki, Ben Weller and Cheryl Dunn invite us to their hometowns, creative playgrounds and the places they call home.

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True issue one (July 2015) sees Annemarieke van Drimmelen, Boo George, Charlotte Wales and Ben Weller — individuals best known for commissioned fashion photography — share unseen personal work that shifts the creative focus from construction to observation.

Jason Evans and Donald Christie present exclusive projects that take the reader from the UK to Japan to Sweden to East Jerusalem.

While documentary photographer, Vinca Petersen, shares intimate photographs of a Texas road trip she made with close friend and late photographer Corinne Day, in 1999.

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