True Photo Journal,
Issue Eight (2023)

True issue eight (November 2023) features ‘2020’, a previously unpublished body of work from Catherine Opie. The series of diptychs is accompanied by a conversation with the writer and curator Charlotte Cotton.

In ‘Archives’, Carla Williams and Paul Sepuya discuss Carla’s collection of vintage Black female pin-ups and her award-winning debut book, Tender (TBW Books, 2023).

Molly Matalon previews a new body of work created in collaboration with her partner, Steven.

Abdulhamid Kircher’s personal diary entries accompany a photographic study of his father, which capture the dynamics of their fractious relationship.

Elsewhere, Alastair McKimm and Lola and Pani discuss their teenage years. Extracts from the conversation accompany a preview of the photographic duo’s upcoming book, Bumps, to be released in 2024.

And Kalpesh Lathigra joins us for the second time. ‘Ancestral Landscapes’ is a follow-up to his previous feature in issue six (February 2019), which continues to explore the relationship with his homeland.

Contributors (in order of appearance):

  • Abdulhamid Kircher
  • Catherine Opie
  • Lola & Pani
  • Kalpesh Lathigra
  • Molly Matalon
  • Carla Williams