True Photo Journal,
Issue Two (2016)

True issue two (May 2016) presents Corinne Day and Mark Szaszy’s intimate, unpublished photographs from the late 1980s that capture the early years of their relationship and include some of Corinne’s earliest pictures.

Elsewhere, Suffo Moncloa explores the recurring themes of nature, femininity and sexuality, while Arnaud Lajeunie and Greta Ilieva introduce us to individuals who unexpectedly crossed their paths.

Marton Perlaki, Ben Weller and Cheryl Dunn invite us to their hometowns, creative playgrounds and the places they call home.

Contributors (in order of appearance):

  • Suffo Moncloa
  • Greta Ilieva
  • Cheryl Dunn
  • Marton Perlaki
  • Corinne Day and Mark Szaszy
  • Arnaud Lajeunie
  • Ben Weller