True Photo Journal,
Issue Five (2018)

Out of print

True issue five (January 2018) explores the theme of ‘people and place’: Lea Colombo takes us on a road trip through her native South Africa. Pieter Hugo presents intimate family portraits taken in Africa and Europe over the course of a decade. Gregory Halpern gives a glimpse into his time in Omaha, Nebraska, while photo essays by Nick Haymes and Sam Rock continue the theme.

Other stories are created in collaboration: Bibi Cornejo Borthwick and Mark Borthwick stage a fashion show on the street and Benedict Brink shares an experimental project with set designer Mila Taylor Young and model Yasmine Moon.

Chris Rhodes curates a selection of accidental images, out-of-focus subjects and frames shot solely to finish rolls of film. Artists Theo Simpson and David Noonan individually present exclusive mixed-media stories that challenge the format of a photo essay.

Contributors (in order of appearance):

  • Lea Colombo
  • Pieter Hugo
  • Bibi Cornejo Borthwick and Mark Borthwick
  • Chris Rhodes
  • Nick Haymes
  • Theo Simpson
  • Sam Rock
  • Benedict Brink
  • Gregory Halpern
  • David Noonan