True Photo Journal,
Issue Three (2016)

Out of print

True issue three (November 2016) sees Mark Steinmetz — best known for his black and white imagery — reveal previously unseen colour photographs taken in the American South, during the mid-2000s.

The exploration of America’s landscape and people continues in exclusive stories by Chadwick Tyler and Daniel Shea.

Elsewhere, photographers Ola Rindal and Janneke van der Hagen share intimate insights into their own family lives, Paul Kranzler focuses on a different kind of intimacy and Cheryl Dunn captures protests of all styles, flavours and sizes in the politically charged summer of 2016.

Contributors (in order of appearance):

  • Janneke van der Hagen
  • Paul Kranzler
  • Chadwick Tyler
  • Mark Steinmetz
  • Cheryl Dunn
  • Daniel Shea
  • Ola Rindal