True Photo Journal,
Issue Nine (2024)

The first cover feature for True issue nine (May 2025) is ‘Memories, nightmares, and dreams in Palestine (2003/2004)’ by Alessandra Sanguinetti. This previously unpublished body of work was made 20 years ago, just as the most intense days of the second intifada were over and during the early stages of the West Bank Barrier construction.

Our second cover is by Lydia Roberts and comes from ‘No. 13’ by Brett Walker with Jack Davison, Chieska Fortune Smith, Maria Meco, James Frederick Barrett and Lydia. This exclusive feature presents a curation of Brett’s own work alongside the photography and memories of his students, old and new.

‘For Them’ is Rula Halawani’s final instalment of a decade-long project that focuses its attention on the Palestinian landscape to focus ours on the story of its people. Rula talks to writer and curator Charlotte Cotton about the importance of memorialising people and place at times of displacement and devastation. 

In ‘A way in’, Rahim Fortune and Earlie Hudnall, Jr. discuss how empathy and connection are grounding prerequisites for their work: deft abilities that turn the camera from inanimate keeper of records to unwavering confidante and maker of memories.

Elsewhere ‘Shrieking, Wailing, Sobbing’ pairs Gabby Laurent’s previously unpublished photographs with the original writing that inspired them by Anne Carson.

For her highly anticipated exhibition at New York’s MoMA, LaToya Ruby Frazier has reimagined, rescaled and reaffirmed a survey of her works from the last quarter of a century. In ‘A monument to solidarity’ the show’s lead curator and Acting Chief Curator of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art, Roxana Marcoci, provides insight into the exhibition’s conception and underpinning narratives. Roxana’s essay is accompanied by images from LaToya’s iconic series, On the Making of Steel Genesis: Sandra Gould Ford (2017).

In ‘Shaper’ Elle Pérez spoke with writer and podcaster Gem Fletcher to continue their ongoing dialogue on finding creative permanence through the percolation of fluid processes. This feature presents a new curation of Elle’s images from three recent bodies of work: Devotions (2022), guabancex (2023) and Shaper (2024).

In True issue 8, Paul spoke with photographer Carla Williams about her recently released monograph. Here, they reverse roles and reflect on the conceptual and aesthetic depth of Paul’s new work. ‘Infinite Like Night’ present images from Paul’s latest project recently launched at Chicago’s Document gallery. 

Contributors (in order of appearance):

  • Rula Halawani
  • Rahim Fortune with Earlie Hudnall, Jr.
  • Gabby Laurent
  • Brett Walker with Jack Davison, Lydia Roberts, Chieska Fortune Smith, Maria Meco and James Frederick Barrett
  • LaToya Ruby Frazier
  • Elle Pérez
  • Alessandra Sanguinetti
  • Paul Mpagi Sepuya